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"Virus" (part 2) released into the wild...

It's a shame, what's going on in the world, with our freedom of speech at risk from spoilt, indulged people who have never had to make sacrifices in war to protect the wonderful concept of democracy. We should all be Brothers under the Stars, yet all we seem to to get is war, rape, lies, and hate.

I think conscription should be brought back, so our spoilt young people can visit other far-flung places and learn that they are elevated above the means of many other young adults around the world. They would return from duty, more grateful at what they have and would hopefully cherish what this country represents. When I see rioters proclaiming how put down they are when they have expensive phones, designer clothes, and the right to vote, travel around the world, and embark on gap years - I fail to see how much more society could give them. It seems that if these individuals aren't offered the moon on a stick, they're screeching at how impoverished they are.

Tearing down statues representing slavery, while standing there in designer clothes which are being made by present day slaves is not the answer. And if these students then study at the very same university (built by the same slave trader whose statue they pulled down) then it only serves to weaken their agenda. It marks them down as lazy hypocrites who merely want to appear to achieve something laudable rather than discard their lavish clothes, and to stop their willingness to study in a place of learning funded by blood money.

Over the course of the last century, many slaves were white. These were the ones done to death by the Nazis and by Stalin. Surely  their souls - as well as those of all the slaves killed all over the world - would rather we embraced and defended the democracy and freedom of speech they never had.



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I'd also like to mention "Withnail and I" as one of the best comedy films ever. But it also has a melancholia about it which I find rather compelling. Anyone who has ever been unemployed, drunk, or made crazy by weird drugs will understand how important this film is. I think "booze-drenched sadness" is the best description I've heard and I can't really add to that. The soundtrack is good as well, complementing the film wonderfully.

As always, I'd like to thank the people visiting this site - especially the return visitors who help create the momentum for ZS to produce new material.



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