December '19
(The picture above is from the forthcoming gallery: "Fort Amherst". The Xmas bit was added by my mate, Keith Berry, which I thought was a nice touch for horror fans.)

New for December: Gallery 15 "Dead Flesh".
- Status: --- COMPLETED ---

- Article: "Refuse/Resist".
- Status: Imminent

I'd like to wish everyone a drunken Xmas and a Happy New Year. You should get completely pissed, so that you make a sordid pass at that girl from Accounts who then slaps you around the face. Then tell the boss what you think of him and throw up in the taxi home.
Go can do this...

Best Regards


Currently reading: "Vietnam" by Max Hastings.

listening to: The Cult: "Sonic Temple"
Soundtrack: "The Thing"

I'd also like to mention "Withnail and I" as one of the best comedy films ever. But it also has a melancholia about it which I find rather compelling. Anyone who has ever been unemployed, drunk, or made crazy by weird drugs will understand how important this film is. I think "booze-drenched sadness" is the best description I've heard and I can't really add to that. The soundtrack is good as well, complementing the film wonderfully.

As always, I'd like to thank the people visiting this site - especially the return visitors who help create the momentum for ZS to produce new material.



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