New for February and March 2019...

- Hallo to everyone. This is somewhat late, but I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year.
So planned over the next 2 months (or so) we'll have some new work arriving...

-  They'll be a new set of pics (Gallery 12 "Blood Girls Nude") from Jason Wright and Silent Studios Productions featuring the very delectable Jade Tayla (Paramilitary 15). We'll get to view her covered in the blood of her enemies and somewhat unburdened by clothes! It seems this character has some very interesting hobbies which take up most of her spare time. Paramilitary 15 is reportedly "unconcerned" by her activities away from her work.

-  Emily Hare will be returning to unleash a portrait of the friendly Nazi Zombie, "Mahler". You really can imagine this character helping a little old lady across the road, and carrying her heavy shopping. He'll be appearing in Gallery 3 "Heads-Up" in the near future.

-  A Nazi Zombie gallery is currently in progress and will likely be named: "Sonder-Kommandos". This will feature Zeitzler and his gang in a collection of striking pictures, all courtesy of photographer Andrew Dobell with make-up duties by Tania Claire.

-  Possibly slightly less interesting is a short item I'll be putting in the "Articles" section called "Transmogrification" detailing what might happen to you if bitten by a brutish Zombie.

While engaged with all this Horror Mayhem, I'm powered by huge amounts of Tea, Coffee, Alcohol, Curry, and Metal. Yes, I have to visit the toilet a lot, but I'm not complaining. Actually, I have an idea that if there ever is a Zombie Apocalypse then I'm going to be on the bog somewhere. I'll hear the snarling outside and realize I'm trapped. That's why it's probably wise to choose the cubicles with a vent in the ceiling so you can make good your escape should this happen.

-  Anyhow I'm moving on quickly. Currently I'm listening to:

-  Slayer "Seasons In The Abyss"

-  Black Sabbath "Live Evil"

-  Rammstein "Mutter"


- For those of you into your Horror Fanzines, you'll see the Zombie article of mine featured in the online version of Schlock The easiest way to locate this is with the Schlock archive, and then go all the way down to the 339th edition.
This site (edited by Gavin Chappell) is a very entertaining read.

All the best



I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank Rupali and Preity at Webcreation for their help and patience during this project. So thanks-a-doodle! (You chose a brilliant sunset by the way!)

This means I should also thank:

Nazi Zombie Unit (c/o Square 1 Studio)

Steve                       (Manager)

Andrew Dobell     (Photographer)

Tania Claire          (Head of Makeup)

Georgie                  (Makeup)

Sam Dunning       ("Zeitzler")

Morgana Buxton  ("Morgana")

Nicky Rollett         ("Gert")

Scott Giller            ("Mahler")

(You can also catch up with most of this team on Purpleport.)

Also thanks to Jason Wright of Silent Studios Productions, his Zombies, and Makeup staff. Also thanks to the Paramilitary 15 girls: Jade Tayla and Chloe Welsh.

You can catch up with Jason at:

And before I forget, thanks to Nic Samiotis at Artyfakes Action Props Ltd.

(Zombie Sunset is apolitical in outlook, having no interest in political individuals or parties. While I happen to believe that everyone should vote, this site carries no political stance as I consider this to be outside of the subject's remit. This dark place is for everyone who loves horror and if it inspires you to get involved in the genre then I salute this!)