Planned for July/August:

- Nazi Zombie Gallery: "Sonder-Kommandos". This gallery goes back to 2016. During the Shoot we took around 1500 photos so this gives me the ability to delve back into this work.
- Status: --- COMPLETED ---

- Article: "Nazi Zombie Location Shoot". This will be in the "Articles" section, not surprisingly.
- Status: Pending.

- gif (supplied by artist Emily Hare). This is of the painting of Mahler she completed a little while ago and is a 5-stage gif. This will be in the "Filmed Pieces" section.
- Status: Pending.

- A new character named Zill has arrived and he'll be put into the "Characters" section for your perusal.
- Status: Pending.

- Nazi Zombie Gallery: "Heads-Up 2019".
- Status: Pending.

- Nazi Zombie Gallery: "Changes".
- Status: Pending.

- Article: "Refuse/Resist".
- Status: Pending.

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By the way, my article "Alcohol" will be in "Schlock Webzine" - 21st July. Also my Ed Gein T-shirt has arrived which is rather nice as I think he's my favourite serial killer. Anyone who creates a "skin suit" from dead bodies is putting in a lot of effort. Many people do overtime in a factory - Mr Gein did it in the graveyard. Some might say that his work was akin to a "dead-end job" (heh heh heh) but he created art from nondescript humans...

Currently reading: 'Arnhem' by Antony Beevor

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(Zombie Sunset is apolitical in outlook, having no interest in political individuals or parties. While I happen to believe that everyone should vote, this site carries no political stance as I consider this to be outside of the subject's remit. This dark place is for everyone who loves horror and if it inspires you to get involved in the genre then I salute this!)