!! New for June !!

Well, the Nazi Zombie Location Shoot has been completed!! It was done on June 5th and we were at the impressive Fort Amherst, Chatham, Kent. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the brilliant staff there who were professional and helpful and made the event a great success for us. I'd also like to thank the Board of Directors who gave us the go-ahead for this project, and also to show my appreciation to Isobel Sandhu - the manager there - who was great at helping to arrange everything. Also, Zeitzler must have kept his Undead soldiers on their best behaviour as we've been invited back at some point in the future, and I know I speak for everyone in the team when I say that we'd love that to happen.

There will be a glut of Nazi Zombie material coming out over the summer months, the first being a final gallery of pictures from the Shoot in 2016 where this team first met up and quickly became a viable entity. The fact that these talented individuals embrace my dark concept is heart-warming to me and I hope there will be many more sessions to come.

The Shoot was a mixture of photos for galleries, and little filmed sections which had myself and the "c.l.o.c" battling Zeitzler's fiends in the tunnels under the fort. Surrounded by cold stone, shadows, and feeling constant unease, we fell victim to the rage of the Nazi Zombies...

In filming, I banged my right knee (which swelled up nicely) and discovered various bruises around my slightly out-of-shape body. And as I sponged away the fake blood, I watched as a small patch disappeared and then appeared again: this cut was real and I smiled as it gave me a memory of what we'd done together...

I also have to thank:

Nazi Zombie Unit

Andrew Dobell     (Photography/Film)

Tania Claire          (Head of Makeup)

Georgie                  (Makeup)

Sam Dunning       ("Zeitzler")

Morgana Buxton  ("Morgana")

Nicky Rollett        ("Gert")

Scott Giller            ("Mahler")

Matthew Mason   ("Zill")

and featuring:

The "c.l.o.c."        (world-weary mercenary leader)

Peter                     (mercenary)

(You can also catch up with most of this team on Purpleport.)

And before I forget, thanks to Nic Samiotis at Artyfakes Action Props Ltd. This time around, I was using his "Bronze Barbed Wire".)

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