Welcome to Zombie Sunset

Dear Visitor. Welcome to Zombie Sunset…

Over the years I’ve been fascinated by the way Zombies have evolved. Their own on-screen DNA seems to be ever-improving. We have seen the lumbering, brainless forms with blue faces (from the films in earlier decades) undergo a hugely impressive transmogrification into beautifully-rendered creatures of the Undead. Some of today’s Zombies continue to move slowly, while others run after their prey in the endless quest to feast on the human body. But no matter what the budget, the creators of these different types all lavish a lot of care on the jobs they do in their attempts to plunge us into the breathless action of a Zombie Apocalypse.
For me it’s the Nazi Zombies which absorb me the most (and for creative effect only). Their relentless bloodlust sends shivers down my spine as they seduce me with their delicious helpings of gore. Their evil intelligence scares me as their rotting bodies, contained within threadbare uniforms, stalk the corridors of their sinister resting places. I’ve always had a morbid interest in bunkers, castles, and any kind of secret place where the darkness of the human mind is able to run riot. As someone who gets rather wistful at the sight of a gorgeous sunset (the juxtaposition of light and shade bringing my creative musings to come to the fore) this website was inevitable.
Soon, I hope to add to Zombie folklore by publishing my first book in what will be a series. It describes World War Two Germanic invaders (of the Undead, intelligent kind) let loose in present-day Great Britain. The leader of these sinister warriors is Major Zeitzler (pictured above with some of his Kommandos). But, in the meantime, I hope you enjoy this site’s galleries, pictures, and filmed sections. And although I’m concentrating on Zombies - don’t be surprised to see the occasional Vampire, Werewolf, and Demon (and other hellish creatures of the night) putting in an appearance.
Oh, by the way, the next time you’re in a pub, watching as the sun slips behind the horizon and the shadows start to lengthen - take a good look into the darkness: is there nothing there, or are Undead eyes staring at you?


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